Moving goalposts nope new game.

So a new day and a new game to play. We managed to get the best results any school has ever got on this site, but how you work out how well you’ve done has changed. This means we haven’t done as well. Imagine this, at the start of the year you are set targets. These are agreed by your boss and someone external to make it formal. You work hard to achieve those goals and the results come in. Time to crack open the bubbly…well yes for a time. You have met and excedeed those targets, not just or a bit but smashed them.

Then your review happens and you are told the results aren’t that good. Not based on the targets you agreed, but on new ones that were decided outside your organisation, you weren’t really told, not given details on, not at the start so you can work with them & yet you haven’t done very well according to the new calculation.

would you work in those conditions?

Written on a phone so please excuse the typos


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