Why so blue?


without wanting to keep the general view of a moaning teacher, i feel we are at a tipping point for the teaching profession. Every teacher i speak to says the same things, “it’s getting harder”, “drowning in paper work”, “judged measured quantified beyond need”. I can’t think of another job where how you do something is constantly changing and monitored. Each year, it feels like everything done in the previous year must be ripped up and started afresh, just to keep up with the ever changing whim of a dying Government. Most teachers work upwards of a 60 hour week and the guilt of work has reached such an epidemic that they feel that they are looked on as having a break if they are caught marking.

News that more changes are going to be announced in the Queen’s speech, was met with general tired shrugs. The fact that more religious groups will be able to open more schools, with no evidence that they improve the results (as quoted from a recent Church Times article) in a vastly secular society.

Vive la revolution, if we aren’t too tired.


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