You can only laugh

Productivity in schools stalls

When a report explains that students haven’t actually made much progress over the past 10 years, schools minister Vernon Coaker condemned the report as having “far too narrow a view of the education system in England”. Coaker said: “Parents will appreciate that there is far more to a school and to a child’s time at school than productivity.

Basically saying there is more to a school than exam results. YES THAT’s RIGHT! hasn’t everyone apart from the government been saying that! Tell that to the schools judged outstanding by OFSTED by judged failing because of an arberterry pass rate figure set by…THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Sadly typical if this current thinking was pointed out in the Guardian Education crib sheet:

“Ed Balls’s belt-tightening measures went down like a lead balloon, not least his proposal that schools share cleaners. Here’s Kolman:

“How very Ballsian to hit at the cleaners.

There are literally billions that could be saved within the DCSF – over 200 “scientific advisers” for a start. Then there is the elimination of excessive paper-work, over-zealous planning, excess testing, demoralising Ofsted inspections, grotesque catch-up programmes (how not to teach struggling readers at £2,600 per child). There is excessive use of PR and spin doctors, plus obscene mountains of materials supplied “in house” by bureaucrats who don’t actually teach. Micro-management at all levels.

To be fair, the advice to cut down on excessive use of heating and light is sensible. What wouldn’t be sensible would be to haul in hundreds of advisers to advise on how to save on electricity, or waste thousands on producing glossy leaflets.”

If you didn’t laugh you would never stop crying!

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