Our pet hate

Ok I think we’re reaching breaking point so I am thinking the unthinkable…let’s go back to the old ofsted inspections. At least then it was 6 weeks of madness, followed by an invasion, but at least they didn’t pile their workload onto us?!

The recession has happened at the right time as I think the pressure and work load will remove a generation of teachers. There is simply not enough hours in a day, day in a week and especially hours in a weekend to do everything you are expected to as well as you are expected to do it. One example is the new ofsted lesson plan which can easily take over an hour to complete, add that to 20 lessons, marking, CPD reviews, updated SEFs, SOW, changes in assessment, new specifications, action plans, good displays in the classroom, tracking student progreemss, writing referenced, reporting, meeting parents, trying to contact parents, detentions, meetings, emails etc etc I really could keep going before I mention dealing with disruptive behaviour.

Either we start to fight back against this era of madness or get politicians, doctors, lawyers, banking sector et al to agree to similar inspections. Come the revolution everyone gets it!!!


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