in reaction to ‘Ha! Academies’ smoke-and-mirrors sleight of hand with GCSE results exposed for the sham it is!’

I know let’s all keep believing that we all play on a level playing field, that all students are the same and that academic History is the most important subject that you can learn…well when i say learn i me rote learning obviously.  The fact is that most people don’t need a University degree to have a successful life and in fact many degrees are a hindrance to many of the skills that are desperately needed in our economy.

The fact that ‘vocational’ education is looked down upon because all hard working students can be successful in it is the real smoke and mirrors here.  It is so easy to damn the schools for putting students through education that suits them rather than whatever the Universities or the Daily Mail rate as valid.  Take away the Architects, Doctors, Pharmacists  dentists, Vets and Lawyers and you are left with a huge field of work that requires people that can learn on the job using vocational skills – computer engineers, physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, plumbers (skilled), etc etc.  These careers used to be championed by the Polytechnic until the Academic snobbery made them desperate to become Universities.

All of this comes with a axe over the heads of Senior Leadership Teams in difficult schools.  Get 30% or get fired.  Many of these schools delivering a traditional academic curriculum could outperform FFT-D and still not hit the baseline target.  What do these schools do?  Didn’t Einstein say that doing the same thing year after year and expecing the outcome to be different is the definition of insanity.  So we moved students onto vocational subjects to allow them more opportunity for success.  Whatever you believe about these subjects it has opened up post-16 education to a whole group of people that were excluded under traditional curricula.  People don’t bemoan L3 BTEC, so why this argument should be levelled at L2?

So want the smoke and mirrors to stop:

1. Get rid of league tables

2. Get rid of arbitrary figures for pass rates

3. Allow a level field for achievement across all sectors and career paths – Dr of Sociology = Master Craftsman

4. Stop trying to force students down one route in education that is fixated on universities

5. Recognise that the Russell Group isn’t meant for all

6. Actually see what happens in schools that we are only teaching to the test now (what the hell is AfL if it isn’t towards an outcome).

7. Celebrate all achievement by revisiting the Tomlison reforms

Vocational education is supposed to be different.  It is our lack of imagination that has to equate them with an ‘academic’ qualification.  A BTEC passed at the Diploma level, should just be seen in its own right as a significant achievement, not equalled to 4 GCSEs.

I do know that maintained schools feel hard done by when the Government keep announcing how well Academies are doing in comparison, and while the current desire to make all schools into Academies makes a mockery of the original intention which was to put a stop to the LA ‘sink’ schools.  In the main I believe that the original Academies have done that.  Taking difficult schools in difficult areas and changed the outcomes for those children.


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