Here we go again…

There is more to education than a pathway to University. Enabling all students to be able to achieve, rather fail dogmatic curriculum will enable young people to make progression to the next stage of their lives. A traditional O’level maths course is of no use to anyone not wishing to pursue careers that need it (physics, engineer etc) . Currently, the GCSE Science courses fail half the population, but put those students into a BTEC and you are damned for failing those students if they wish to pursue a career in the sciences.  Keep the students who want to in triple science, but give the rest of the students the opportunity to pass a science course.
Design curricula that allows choice. Have breadth and depth to the KS4 curriculum. Allow the academic rigour for students that wish to go onto the traditional universities, but also allow the rest of the rest of the students to succeed at school, through a multitude of assessment opportunities.  What the critics of the current system seem to forget is 75%-80% of the KS4  curriculum is prescriptive anyway as it is subjects that the students have to take (English, Maths, Science, PE, RE, Citizenship and then add the specialism).
We need to get away from the comparing apples with bananas, that is the current trend when it comes to the outcome for students. From my point of view the most important thing is to allow students to succeed, no matter what their aspirations are.


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