more on the madness of ‘king Gove’s English Baccalaureate

Hello Year 9 – your KS4 curriculum for next year will be:

English, English Lit, Maths, Triple Science, History or Geography and a Modern (although the correct definition of that term is now up for debate) Foreign Language (Spanish, French, German, Italian, er Latin & er Biblical Hebrew).  You will get more time to study these subjects as our league table position will rely on them.

You can then pick one subject from the following non academic GCSEs: (yes just the one, seriously just one)

Business Studies, ICT, Sociology, Art, Drama, Music, Media Studies, RE, Engineering, Psychology, Health & Social Care, Law, Economics, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Statistics, PE, Resistant Materials, Textiles, Technology, Graphic Design Catering, Food Tech etc

Oh, don’t forget there aren’t enough of you to run all of those courses now so a number will have to be removed based on a lack popularity.  Oh, and if you aren’t suited to a GCSE style and prefer a coursework/vocational approach to assessment, er, tough.

No more multiple choices in the Arts, not academic enough.  No more picking a variety of highly academic GCSEs such as RE, Engineering, statistics, law, economics, sociology, psychology, critical thinking because, …er…well they aren’t academic enough to be counted, according to Gove.  In fact all of the GCSEs listed above have an academic rigour, but aren’t academic enough to be counted.   No more picking subjects (multiples of subjects) because you enjoy them.  No more balanced curriculum choices across a range of subjects.

So when Gove says he will ‘widen’ the curriculum, please put that into the context of the reality of what will now happen in secondary schools across the country.


4 thoughts on “more on the madness of ‘king Gove’s English Baccalaureate

  1. 5 C’s in the E bacc subject you get the E bacc. Nine A’s in a different selection of subjects and you don’t have worthwhile qualifications. Simples!

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