What I think OFSTED should look like…

New Inspection Framework:

  1. Outstanding and good schools

SEF and Improvement plan is requested by HMI.  HMI reads these documents and RoL and decides whether a further visit is needed.  It will be needed, if a school feels that it has moved from good to outstanding.  Schools could request this visit as well.

Also, a certain number could have a follow up visit from an HMI to check consistency.  This would be simply for HMI to meet the HT and CoG and possibly others, depending on the trail that they wanted to follow.  This will give OFSTED a clearer picture of best practice in certain areas or make small adjustments to the improvement plan, but grade is maintained.

Or simply no visit, because HMI agrees with the plan and current grade maintained.

If HMI disagrees with the SEF and/or the plan – differing levels of inspection:

  • Full visit (depending on the seriousness)
    • As the data in RoL is not explained correctly in the SEF
    • That the improvement plan won’t make the improvements needed
  • Or a shorter visit to inspect one area of the SEF and/or the Improvement plan
  1. Schools moved to RI

a) HMI that inspected becomes the school improvement partner and works with the school over the year. This gives consistency to the school and allows the inspector to judge improvements.

b) Next inspection: HMI provides a report on the distance travelled and makes a recommendation to the next team. Next team judge on a visit using SEF, Improvement plan and recommendation of supporting HMI.  This gives the next grade consistency as you have the opinions of the original HMI.  This also allows the school to work with one clear support partner.  It also allows OFSTED to QA.

  1. Schools currently RI

Same as above but will be whoever their current support HMI is

I would argue that the grading system should be changed, but, this is for the discussions at the next @headsroundtable conference (details can be found here https://headteachersroundtable.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/htrt-conference-january-26th-2015-pre-election-special/ )


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