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A question for the ASCL conference guests

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In light of coasting schools and more guntothehead policy…this question is still relevant

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as it wasn’t asked of Hunt, Halford or Laws I thought I would post it here…

Question for ASCL

I would really appreciate this question for all the panellists, but might be more salient for Sir Michael or Nicky Morgan

In light of the recent data that:

1.The new progress 8 measurethat schools adding valuing around the G-F and F-Ewill receive significantly less recognition, whereas those adding value in the C-B, B-A and A-A* will receive significantly more.

2.Those schools with a below average intake are far more likely to be judged RI or inadequate by OFSTED (seehttp://www.kristianstill.co.uk/wordpress/2015/03/04/what-of-outstanding-schools-have-below-average-ability-intake/)

Can the panellist explain how they are going to attract the HTs, School Leaders and great teachers to schools in difficult circumstances?

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