Born in 1970, so not exactly current. Post Graduate education. Long and winding road into Education. Love teaching and working with young people, as it is never dull…and I mean never!

Taken and passed my Heads exams (NPQH) and now understand why, as I start my first headship in September.

Married to the beautiful Carrie with two children (occasionally they attempt to be nice to each other).

Love music and have a wide taste. Dance music was my thing and used to DJ Drum n’ Bass. Now like anything that i term good (which means young peoples music is just noise…oh hang, no i used to like DnB which is also noise)…oh i don’t know. In short i like music with soul, well music that gives you the feeling that it means something.

Worryingly, season ticket holder at Brighton & Hove Albion and still care. Went to my first game in 1977, packed Goldstone Ground and was hooked. Supporting a small lower league club is a metaphor for life. General disappointment, unfulfilled hopes and dreams, punctuated by occasional glory 😉

Read a lot and currently reading The Corner by David Simon. This was the book that lead to The Wire, which is the best television programme ever (keep your 24 and its neo fascist tendencies). Also, like comedy and the Thick of It and Curb Your enthusiasm are current favourites, but the greatest sitcom ever, in my opinion, is Spaced.

Outlook in life is one of Humanitarianism, believe very heavily in science and reason and therefore a Dawkins agnostic. Member of the Secular Society and a strong campaigner to removal religious influence from schools.

My headship is in a rural comprehensive , which is about as far from my experience that is possible. I have discovered that there is a fair amount of misunderstanding about this type of school, but issues are as real here as anywhere. But, I work with fantastic staff and young people, although I would say that for every school that I work in.

I do consider myself a geek of the highest order! Well i just wrote this didn’t i?


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    Just saw your note on the Independent article on the IB.
    I’m in charge of the MYP and DP at Wellington College and we’re organising a conference on the creative curriculum and wondered if you would like to attend as a guest of Wellington’s. Here’s a link to the conference. We’d be keen to discuss how the MYP works in our school and how it might work in yours. Look forward to hearing from you



  2. Hi Liam. We were in the same cohort @ IOE several moons ago. Hope you are well? I currently lead Secondary and FE ITE at University of Derby and would love the opportunity for a chat about your take on ITE. Hayley Wood (was Bator when a BT at the illusion of efficiency😉)

    1. Hi Hagley

      How are you?

      Yes of course, happy to chat. I am speaking at an event in Tuesday in Cambridge and will blog the talk later this week. Welcome to get in touch. I will email you

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